Friday, August 1, 2014

Lemony Pasta and Garlicky Pasta a la Bilbo

While I was in California this spring, Brother-in-law B (I was going to abbreviate the whole thing to B.I.L.B, but then it looked like Bilbo, and I thought I couldn't do that, but now that I am typing it again, I like it, so I am just going to call him Bilbo for the purposes of this blog and the strange culture of putting other people's names, veiled, into one's blogs) made some yummy pasta in two varieties, a lemony version and a garlicky version. The other day my appetite wanted the lemony version, so Bilbo kindly provided the schemes. I'm aware that these are pretty classic, normal pasta preparations, and I suppose a more experienced cook than I would not need recipes per se. But, well, I'm not more experienced, so here goes.

The lemony pasta comes from Mario Batali, from an episode of his show "Mario Eats Italy." um, yum:

Lemony Pasta (a la Bilbo) or "Tagliarini al Limone"

6 qts water
2 T salt
6 T butter
1/4 c fresh lemon zest (zest of 4 lemons)
1 lb fresh tagliarini (or 1 pound dried) -- Reb notes that any dried, long, slender, flat pasta will do
1/2 c freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano (optional, Bilbo did not use when he fed it to me)
salt, pepper

Bring water to boil, add salt.--> Of course, you will cook the pasta according to package directions. In large saute pan, heat butter with lemon zest over medium heat. Drain pasta and add to lemon butter. Remove from heat and add cheese, if using. Serve with salt and pepper.

Bob added halved cherry tomatoes (do not cook down), and maybe he added some spinach, which wilts just slightly to remove the chew? Other options: basil chiffonade, shrimp, mushrooms, artichoke hearts. A slim hit of goat cheese crumbles rather than parm-reg.

Garlicky Pasta a la Bilbo (Or better yet! Aglio e olio a la Bilbo) 

Saute garlic in olive oil and add to pre-cooked pasta, salt, pepper to taste. Bob adds the cherry tomatoes and spinach, which is good. Parm-Reg would be good here. The chiffonade basil (or parsley) would work well here; the shrimp; and... you know.. bacon. Prosciutto crisped up with garlic. Chicken. Mushrooms. Sun-dried tomatoes (the soft kind, packed in oil). Whatever.

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