Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fried Egg with Kimchi and Two Sauces

When I first started rebeatworld, Mom remarked to me that she wanted to try most of the recipes I posted. It was a simple thing to say, but I was very flattered. I took it as quite the compliment! Well, that probably has changed by now, and here I am posting a recipe which almost everyone (who looks at rebeatworld) is likely to find TERRIFYING. But, after all, I started this as my recipe box, and so it will be. These are flavors that I became fond of as a very young child, and so my palate-brain cannot know what they taste like to someone who was not introduced to them early. As for me, I think they're the stuff comfort food is often made of.

I had kimchi and eggs, and I have heard about combining the two. I remembered a Melissa Clarke recipe in the New York times for a kimchi omelet (, and also found a blog post about frying eggs with kimchi (

I took the fried egg approach, and decadently used BOTH SAUCES, albeit moderate drizzles of each. And I loved every bite. The simplicity of the egg with the vegetal/acid kimchi, the umami/salty oyster soy sauce, and the sweet/spicy sriracha syrup covered every single base there is--  harmoniously.

Fried Egg with Kimchi and Two Sauces

Sriracha syrup (makes less than 1/2 cup; will probably store forever in the fridge)
1/2 c rice vinegar
1/3 c sugar
1 T sriracha (Melissa Clarke used 1-2 t, but I felt it was too sweet and needed balancing)
generous dash salt (also my addition, to balance)

Combine vinegar with sugar over medium heat. Bring to the boil, simmer to reduce by half (this took about 10 minutes for me). Remove from heat, cool slightly, stir in sriracha and salt (to taste) till dissolved.

Oyster/soy sauce (amount per egg)
1 t soy sauce
1 t oyster sauce

Stir together.

For the egg
1 egg
2 T chopped mild cabbage kimchi

Fry the egg in the manner you are accustomed to. I like the edges of the whites to be a little crisp and the yolk to be not liquid by any means, but quite soft and capable of moving a bit. Early on, as the whites begin to set, scatter the chopped kimchi over the whites (don't break the yolk). Finish cooking till your desired doneness, slip onto plate. Drizzle two sauces over.

Consider serving with:
sesame seeds
chopped scallion
cilantro, if you're into that
fried shallots 

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Rebekka said...

Some notes after making this several times:

--It can be hard to get the whites of the egg done when you add the cold, chopped kimchi to it. It helps to zap the kimchi till it's warm or even hot in the microwave. Also, you can prick the whites of the eggs with the fork so it can fall down to the pan and cook.

--No need to salt the egg. The oyster/soy sauce is pretty much all salt. Along that same vein, a little sauce does go a long way. I do persist in putting some black pepper on the egg. Not sure if this makes a difference or not.

--A double egg, over rice, garnished with scallion and sesame seeds, is pretty perfect. The oyster/soy sauce, the sriracha syrup, and the egg yolk combine to make a (to me) addictive sauce over the rice.