Friday, August 1, 2014

A.B.'s shrimp, sun-dried tomato, and artichoke bricolage

I recently dropped by a friend's house for an impromptu dinner. She is a talented cook, and has moved well past the bound-to-recipe stage in her development; I am still woefully stuck there. She's also an intuitive cook, and is good at matching components. She threw together what she had, sauteing some oil-packed sun-dried tomatoes and some canned artichoke in some olive oil with some minced garlic and some shelled deveined shrimp. And it was good. I'd like to try it at home. I would serve it on pasta or couscous. Leftovers could probably be eaten chopped a little and mixed together with the couscous as a chilled salad. Not sure about that, but it is summer so everything is sounding good chilled right now.

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