Saturday, May 16, 2015

A way with vegetables: soy sauce and butter

I've been fond of the soy sauce + butter combo for a while, using it as a way to simply dress pasta or rice. Last week I tried it as a way to dress steamed vegetables, and I liked it, so I'm recording it in this culinary card box. I steamed baby-cut carrots and snap peas (a tiny touch longer than I otherwise might, as it was Mother's Day, and I know my Mom doesn't want a lot of 'dente' to her vegetables). Meanwhile, I lightly browned some garlic in a fair dose of butter, then reduced some soy sauce into it to make a loose sort of sauce. (It will look strange and sort of wicked, but don't despair.) Then I tossed it over the vegetables, and that was that. The soy sauce and salted butter will add all the salt the vegetables are likely to need.