Monday, November 30, 2009

Dixie Salad

Invented in Utah's Dixie for the use of pomegranates. I decided this year in a poorly quantified comparison study that, in fact, the small, beige, sort-of-ugly pomegranates that Grandma sends (straight fromUtah's Dixie) are in fact sweeter than the kernels that come from the plump red supermarket fruit. Hmm.

Dixie Salad

cube some yummy eating apples
shell some pomegranates
chop some pecans
stir them all up with whipped cream

Daddy Dixie Salad

don't put in pecans.
put in pistachios
or almonds
or cashews
but don't put in yucky old cockroach pecans.

Sannali Dixie Salad

Play around with the matrix-- she claims yogurt works.

Reija Dixie Salad

Chop up a Snickers bar and put it in.

Oh, and that reminds me of a joke. What do you call a ticking cow?

1 comment:

Sannali said...

LOL at the "Daddy Dixies Salad"

I made my Dixie Salad with vanilla yogurt instead of sweetened whipped cream as the binding agent this year -- I think it worked out pretty well -- wasn't as sweet, but still tasty