Saturday, November 29, 2014

Ignatio's Argentine Pizza

This scheme for Ignatio's Argentine Pizza is worth it just for the term 'pre-pizza.' I also really enjoyed his pizza, and was surprised by its subtle novelty.

1. Buy pre-pizzas (flavored pizza crusts) from the Argentine bakery.
2. Get enough thinly sliced ham from the deli to entirely cover the pizzas.
3. Get a big chunk of queso cremoso, a little box of tomato sauce and an envelope of 'spices for pizza' from an Argentine source.
4. Warm up tomato sauce, mix spices in.
5. Spread the tomato sauce on the pre-pizza; cover it all with the sliced ham and then cut slices of the cheese. Cover the entire thing with cheese on top of ham.
6. If you are being complete, chop green olives in half and put them around the rim. Or perhaps strips of bell peppers on radii; big round tomato slices are an option; fresh corn; chicken; big old round slices of salami.
7. Bake them. Now they are pizzas, not pre-pizzas.

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