Thursday, September 18, 2014

Pulled pork vindaloo??

The other day Mom made oven pulled pork, but with leftover vindaloo sauce she'd bottled in the freezer, rather than a barbecue-type sauce.

Yum. Highly recommended. Familiar texture, all the delights of pulled pork (I love the edges that get a little crispy, but I also love all the tender meat too), with an unexpected pepperiness and complexity I'm still thinking about.

I don't have her vindaloo recipe, maybe this will prompt her to provide it.

It was served with a lemon pilaf that I also loved and which was BEAUTIFUL. It called for mango as a garnish but since we're swimming with peaches in late August/early September, we used peach. I would maybe serve the peach slices (unsweetened) on the side; I did love it as a companion to the pilaf, and again, it looked BEAUTIFUL, but I wanted my rice and peach bites more separated.

With peas on the side, the plate was really gorgeous, with the juicy meat, the bright yellow rice polka-dotted with blackened mustard seed, the orange-and-red peaches, green peas, and wedges of rye-barley flat bread.

I will try to edit with the recipe.

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