Thursday, January 24, 2008

Brie-Korean Pear Sandwich

Here in Rochester we have a little cafe called Open Face. I've never been there, although I hear it's charming. It seems strange to consider that I don't even quite know where it is, considering I've had countless of their sandwiches. They are the favorite caterers for the MD/PhD program I'm in-- we have their sandwiches for our Friday Scientific Reasoning in Medicine sessions. Almost all of their sandwiches are delightful. Last year I always got the pepper turkey, maple turkey, chick pea, or black bean. This year I've ventured into genoa salami and brie/pear, always with a side of baguette chips and Orangina. The brie/pear sandwich is somewhat of a trademark of theirs. They assemble it in very narrow baguettes, one side spread with aprioct preserves. They're a lot more savory than they sound and a whole new taste sensation. I've replicated the sandwich at home, variously with brie or camembert, all sorts of pears (thought my favorite is Asian pear-- crisp! delicious!) and peach preserves (what I have on hand).

Brie-Korean Pear Sandwich

long, thin fresh baguette
brie cheese
peach jam/preserves
Asian pear

Cut baguette in 4 inch pieces, and slice in half. Spread bottom with a bit of peach jam. Cover with 1/2 cm thick "slices" of brie. Top that with thin slices of crisp pear. Put lid on sandwich. Yum.

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Melissa said...

Open Face is on South Ave. in the South Wedge neighborhood. This is my favorite sandwich of theirs too, although I remember it being slippery.